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Gitea is taking over the Git-throne

2022-11-26 4 min read Sebastian Appler
I have been hosting my own Git service for many years now. It wasn’t until recently when I checked for an alternative that I started to realize. The one who’s starting to take over everything Git-related is called Gitea. Let’s start from the beginning. The need for a self-hosted Git service It started with a need to store my personal notes. Even if most notes probably can be public I sometimes writes personal ones that I don’t want to have public. Continue reading

Clean Architecture will change how you build apps

2022-07-31 5 min read architecture Sebastian Appler
When you set out to build a great new business application. You put some good ol’ white boarding to use, check the best tech stack for the job and start coding. Everything is fine, until some years later when the application doesn’t feel so great anymore. Maybe the application has started to spiral out of control and performance has gotten worse or hard to manage. The tech stack you choose has aged poorly and receives few or no updates and needs to be updated but that requires a big refactor. Continue reading

DeGoogle your Android phone with LineageOS

2021-08-19 5 min read android guides privacy Sebastian Appler
It’s happening a lot in alternative OS for Android. Promising distribution’s such as CalyxOS and GrapheneOS offers very interesting features with big focus on privacy and security. We also have PureOS a pure linux distro that’s not based on AOSP but tries to use desktop linux apps on the phone. For me it still not viable way as a daily driver. The major drawback is that even that they are interesting they are only supported for Pixel phones (or specific phones like Librem for PureOS). Continue reading

Time to move from Ubuntu to Fedora

2021-06-19 4 min read linux Sebastian Appler
Ubuntu has been my daily driver for quite some time now. When I migrated from Windows it was a big step just going into the linux world and I picked Ubuntu as my first choice. The Ubuntu has served me well since then. But from time to time I felt nudged that maybe Ubuntu is not the best distro after all. I excused myself that, yes, Ubuntu is the most used distro so there must be a reason why it’s better, right? Continue reading

Better performance with Emacs native compile

2021-04-29 2 min read emacs linux guides Sebastian Appler
I recently stumbled upon Emacs native compilation. As native sounds like good I had to try it out. If you also want to try it here’s a quick guide how to compile natively. We can find some hints on emacswiki but lets walk through it in detail on an Ubuntu system. First if you compiled Emacs by source before make sure to uninstall it. This can be made with the `make uninstall` command. Continue reading

Host all your data in Nextcloud with Kubernetes

If you want to be clean with your privacy the problem how to store your files will soon become a problem. Maybe you already store your data in Google with images in Google Photos and files in Google Drive. There’s many services that claim to be private but the best thing is of course to host it yourself. You don’t want to sacrifice convenience and maybe it’s scary that it will become a big hassle to make your own hosting. Continue reading

Elon Musk - Does he really make sense?

2021-03-09 5 min read rant climate Sebastian Appler
I had a weird feeling about Elon Musk for a long time now. I like his ideas and when he talks everything sounds perfect. But when I look at what actually happens something is off. When I look close enough what Elon Musk actually does it doesn’t really make sense. Tesla The first thing that planted a seed in my head is his view on the climate. Elon claims in many different ways that he cares for the climate. Continue reading
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