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Elon Musk - Does he really make sense?

2021-03-09 5 min read rant climate Sebastian Appler
I had a weird feeling about Elon Musk for a long time now. I like his ideas and when he talks everything sounds perfect. But when I look at what actually happens something is off. When I look close enough what Elon Musk actually does it doesn’t really make sense. Tesla The first thing that planted a seed in my head is his view on the climate. Elon claims in many different ways that he cares for the climate. Continue reading

The Refreshing Endgame

2021-02-17 3 min read climate Sebastian Appler
So, I just watched the The Endgame 2050. Yes, before you ask, this documentary is exactly what it sounds like. “How will the world be at an end around year 2050”. It’s another one of these climate awareness and vegan promoting documentaries that we all love and hate. Even with its surprisingly low IMDb rating of 5.4 (that’s low even for these ones). It came out better on me than I expected. Continue reading