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The Refreshing Endgame

2021-02-17 3 min read climate Sebastian Appler

So, I just watched the The Endgame 2050. Yes, before you ask, this documentary is exactly what it sounds like. “How will the world be at an end around year 2050”. It’s another one of these climate awareness and vegan promoting documentaries that we all love and hate. Even with its surprisingly low IMDb rating of 5.4 (that’s low even for these ones). It came out better on me than I expected.

I have to admit. The beginning of the show was mediocre at best. I was struggling to grasp if this was a real documentary or well covered episode from Quantum Gravity Research. The tellers didn’t sound remotely close to David Attenborough and we got introduced with a 15 minutes half baked futuristic drama that reminded me of a that time we tried to make a movie in high school.

As a stubborn “I believe all people are good”-person that I decided to gave it a chance. Between glimpsing on it when reading an article about Apple vs Epic drama the documentary started to shine a little light. I red the titles of people that were interviewed and they had titles from fancy universities, they gave arguments I heard before from sorcerer sources and even some new ones. You know, when you try to answer the hard questions. Like is it more efficient to eat vegetables directly or let them through an animal first, you know that this is the real deal. I felt at home (Yes, I’m vegan, thank you for asking!).

Now when I was kinda convinced I wasn’t (too) fooled. The documentary started to grow on me. They were going through all the arguments why we need to change. The oceans is probably better of if we don’t fish all the fish or dumping wastes into it. The increase in population affect the climate, because two is more than one. Eating meat can cause problems, including problems for the animals.

It was a nice refresher! You need one of these sometimes to remember that your biggest problem may not always be if you will have a pool at 65. I guess I felt that we should all take this a little more serious, like when someone use the last toilet paper and doesn’t change the roll (staring at my wife). We can all do something, at least we can begin to question if there’s something we can do. It doesn’t have to include becoming a vegan activist and living in the woods. It can be smaller things like choosing a package that is made out of fake plastic (I’m proud of this one) or buy once in a month that horrible soy milk.

I can recommend to watch The Endgame 2050. Just skip the first 20 minutes if you’re sensitive to bad screenplay, or just let it roll in the background. It inspired me to try and become just a little better, and it can make you too!